[All DBSK MEMBERS, Reader as Min Young][SERIES][ONGOING][ENG] Being With You

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[All DBSK MEMBERS, Reader as Min Young][SERIES][ONGOING][ENG] Being With You

Post  ureshi on Sat Jul 31, 2010 7:16 pm

Razz I've finally started a fic! I hope this is ok! Help me expand my ideas~~

~Chapter 1~
It’s Monday. I have to go to school again.
“Min Young-ah, wake up! You’re going to be late!” It’s my oppa, Jaejoong. He’s 2 years older than me. He’s my only family. He supports our life with whatever work he could find.
I rushed downstairs after brushing my hair. The truth is I already woke up 2 hours early. It’s not like I eager going to school, but I can’t sleep. I don’t know why.
“Min Young, don’t come home late today. I need you to look after the house. I’ll be home late.”
“Fine.” I jeered. Jaejoong took off after that.
Even though there are only 2 of us, we are not close. I do not hate my oppa, but we don’t know what to talk about with each other. Plus, he’s not always home. It’s always awkward. Sometimes I doubt if we are really siblings.
I pass in the school gate at 8.15 am sharp. The homeroom teacher is still not in the class when I arrived.
‘Safe~’, I said.
“Min Young, come here quickly!” My friend, Eun Hoon calls me soon after I put my bag on the table.
“Look!” She’s pointing her finger at the school gate.
“There! Yoochun oppa is always so dreamy…” she smiles faintly.
“You think so? And you are always being cheesy,” I said and laugh. Eun Hoon pouted. She’s very cute when she did that. I don’t know why she still doesn’t have any boyfriend.
Not long after that, the homeroom teacher entered. The first class is history. I almost doze off in the class, but luckily, Eun Hoon keeps me awake. She likes the history class so much. After history, here comes mathematics class. I return the favour to Eun Hoon to keep her awake in the mathematics class. It’s really funny when I thought about it again.
Finally, recess time! As usual, Eun Hoon and I go to the school’s rooftop to eat our lunch. Here, we can see the whole school ground. It’s fun having lunch, under the blue sky too.
“Eun Hoon, can I ask something?”
“Yes. What is it?” Eun Hoon stops munching her food.
“Well, you always admire Yoochun oppa. But I never saw you try to approach him…” I paused.
Eun Hoon just smiles and continues eating. I felt awkward. Suddenly, a group of girls approaches us.
“Hey, get up!” One of them shouted at us.
“How dare you come close to Yoochun oppa?” I look at Eun Hoon’s face. She looks terribly pale.
“Hey, what are you saying?” I shouted back, trying to defend my best friend.
“Heh! So you too have feelings for Yoochun oppa?” she smirked.
“Huh? So what if I do? You want to punch me in the face?” They really are making me mad. Soon after, Eun Hoon stops me and pulls me through the girls and run downstairs. I look back and saw some of them fall down.
“Why did you stop me?” Eun Hoon suddenly slows her pace.
“Just stop! Stop minding my business! Mind your own, OK!” I stunned. Eun Hoon walks away.
I go straight home. I thought about Eun Hoon’s words along the way home. When I arrived I front of my house, the door is unlocked. ‘That’s weird. Oppa said he’ll come home late’, I thought. I tiptoed into the kitchen. I saw an unknown figure washing the dishes.
“Who are you?”
“Oh!” He turn around, “you must be Min Young. Hi! I’m Yunho, your brother’s friend.”
“But why are you washing our dishes?” I asked out of curiosity.
He laughed, then said, “Your brother ask my favor to look after you. I hope you don’t mind.”
“I do mind. My brother didn’t say anyone will come to look after me. Are you really oppa’s friend?”
“You don’t trust me? Try calling your brother.” I call Jaejoong oppa. But there’s no answer. But I pretend talking with my brother on the phone and run into my room. I lock the door as soon as I close the door.
I slept by the door. Urgh, my head hurts. Then, I slowly open the door to look outside.
“Min Young!”
“Wargh! Oppa, you startled me!” Jaejoong oppa suddenly pop up in front of the door.
“Sorry!” he said, smiling. “Hurry up, though, or you’re going to be late for school.”
It’s unusual to see oppa smiling happily like that.

Who’s Yunho, and what is he doing un Min Young’s house? What makes Min Young’s brother smiling happily? Next, in Chapter 2~~

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